Thursday, 20 March 2014

Its the little things that make us happy

As I was walking home from uni yesterday all stressed out as I just finished my group presentation I heard someone shout at me "where did you loose your smile?". Somehow its the thing everyone keeps asking me so I wasnt surprised but am I looking like a grump at all times? I turned around and it was a chubby and friendly looking african guy I have ever. I decided to call him the nicest man ever. So as I turned around to face the nicest man ever I simply explained about my stressful presentation. He then asked me if I go to university pointing straight at it and I nodded abd started explaining that I am a first year doing business with HRM. He then asked where I am from, "poland" I answered to which his face just shone with a smile. The nicest man ever explained that he is a navy officer and he was in poland two days ago. After which I asked which city and if he enjoyed the cheap prices. It turned out that he loved it because beer was cheap but after poland he was in norway where beer cost him a whooping £10! After this short motivating and friendly conversation we said our goodbyes and went the opposite directions. I hope I see the nicest man ever once again to cheer me up.

Furthermore that day I had the greatest power nap imaginable and Patrick (my boyfriend) did not wake me and instead made dinner- he is a keeper.

Its the little things that make us happy...

Ewii xx

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