Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tips for house hunting and shortlisting (student)

Once again its getting to the stage where university/college students will be looking for their potential property for their academic year. You might consider dorms, in which case you do not have little if any choice, shared accommodation or a flat (either on your own or with a partner or friend). If you are looking for a place to live there is a guide list I made myself to make sure I don't overlook something due to excitement or simply forget.
 First of all you need to find a website of properties which has properties for rent which you can adjust depending on price, area and what type of property you are looking for. Personally I called the estate agents about 4 months in advance and said that I am looking for a property to rent from (date) at roughly this price and if they could call me if anything comes up.

From there shortlist the properties you like and As well as that
1. if you are not getting any help from your parents BUDGET your deposit and first months rent in case your student loan is late
2. make sure you have a guarantor if you are looking to rent a flat on your own for example your parents and have all the paper work photocopied and ready.
3. Start collecting boxes and packing things you don't use often eg. Books. So 

I used this guide as my bible for house search and while viewing the property, however last minute a new property of an excellent standard has showed up and we booked it the day we viewed it as it was perfect!

It is important that you stick to your guide as it might be a decision maker and let me tell you, check for double glazed windows and good doors make a difference! Also note any painting and other alterations that need to be done by the landlord before you move in.
Hopefully this simple guide will let you make a good choice or at least give a direction which you need to focus on.

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