Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Spring Time cleaning/ update

Since it’s nearly spring time I always get excited about the weather and just general burst of energy a bit of sunshine, especially in UK, gives you. I like to change things a little, maybe some of my clothing, yet not too much because under these weather conditions it is like a constant autumn with sporadic sunshine. I heard that a lot of people use this time to give away their old clothes and purchase couple of new items, which I done recently and now I am spoilt for choice. Don’t forget to check best before dates and update some of your make up, skin care and medication.

One thing that I definitely do is a deep scrub of all surfaces in my home even that awkward drawer you never look into! It just gives you a general feeling of freshness and making sure all spider webs and other funky things you find are out of the way. This year I decided to redecorate my living room, because of the depressing teal colour carpet and throw on the sofa. I hate teal I have no idea what came into my mind to buy this carpet, apart from my mum’s pressure on a quick purchase, but since she was paying I adjusted. Therefore I ended up with an ugly carpet which I hated and had to match a throw, yuck. During the weekend I bought this lovely purple and green wool rug which looks super exotic and cosy. I bought a light grey throw for my sofa and some Primark cushions in a greeny colour. Overall cost of the redecoration was £57 (£40 for the rug; £10 throw; £7 cushions) and I am very happy with the results.

My living room updated ;-)

Another thing I plan on doing is washing ALL of my bedding and letting it dry outside including all the ones I haven’t used for ages, just to refresh them and make them smell awesome!
With all this spring excitement comes one disappointment and that is putting the clocks back and me lacking this one (IMPORTANT) hour of sleep. But I will be able to live through it somehow, after all it includes everyone not just myself.


I definitely encourage you to do some spring time cleaning/ updating and hope that this spring will give us more sunshine then rain!
Ewii x

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