Monday, 3 March 2014

11 ways to save money as a student (UK)

It is no news to all students out there that money is very limited! I wanted to share some things I do that could help out students reduce their shopping costs and therefore save some extra money on clothes and general items we can consider luxury (my luxury item includes paper kitchen towel). 

1.Do not be scared to purchase in bulk and leave it for later deals on departments are usually seasonal
2.Make sure to plan your meals – based on that make a shopping list and do not leave the house without it!!!
3.Engage in loyalty schemes organised by shops- get tesco clubcard, nectar card, boots advantage card, IKEA family card, Matalan etc. APPLY FOR ALL CARDS OF SHOPS YOU USE
4. Pick up free magazines eg. Tesco, Boots
5. Collect coupons from companies websites and facebook pages and sign up for their newsletter!- so make sure you follow them
6.Email the companies- Have a look around your house to see what products you use and write to them telling them if you like or dislike their product.
7. Sign up for cashback websites which are easy to use and you get even better deals!
8.Check out freebies websites and get applying!
9.Sign up for review websites such as BzzAgent, Tesco Home Panellist or Tesco Orchard- they invite you to certain programmes to review products, which are usually free.
10.Make sure to like extreme couponing UK facebook page- where you can chat to lovely couponers who give each other tips and say when they have found deals or coupons!
11.Fill out questionnaires for money eg. Valued Opinions- It does take a long time to get a voucher but hey it is free money!

Two Best Loyalty Schemes in my opinion ;-)

I think that Tesco’s loyalty scheme is absolutely amazing so definitely sign up for club card! Allowing you to save up points from your shopping each £1= 1 point= 1 pence. They send you coupons in post often with your money off collected during this period, or alternatively you can pick online to only receive coupons during Christmas. Furthermore all money off coupons can be doubled if you want to spend it in a certain department eg. Electronics or Home. Tesco’s also prints a FREE magazine which includes coupons and loads of interesting articles and delicious recipes! To top it off they have two review websites Home Panellist (mainly for families with kids) and Orchard (which asks you to review Tesco Finest products).

I have to say that Boots have great deals as they give you points for money spent which you can use as money off later on. They also have a kiosk stands where you can check out exclusive offers to receive money off, extra points or free products. I particularly like Boots because as a girl I like magazines and every two months Boots releases a magazine which is FREE to all advantage card users, it is very interesting and includes further coupons inside!

So since there is a lot of money saving opportunities commit to an hour a week or so to apply for freebies and write emails to companies to receive coupons.

Hope I didn’t forget any important tips but if you know any more please comment ;)
Ewii x

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