Friday, 7 March 2014

Tesco Orchard Project: Tesco Finest Potato Range

Venezia and Blue Belle Potatoes in their packaging

Being a student is hard especially that money is limited and everyone wants a bit of luxury every once in a while. However I started to use coupons and loyalty schemes to get the best value for money. I have to admit that Tesco's is my favourite for that because you get coupons often for various items you purchase and your own points to spend in store. Recently I heard of tesco orchard which is a scheme giving coupons to people to review finest range (more about that in my previous post) so I signed up and received my first item to review which is a tescos finest potato range including blue belle, exquisa, venezia and elfe type. 
The first problem I had was getting the product! I searched in 6 tesco stores and to my disappointment could not find it so easily. Finally once I found the potatoes I have purchased two bags; blue belle and venezia each at £1 a bag. I have to say by looking at the picture from the letter I thought the packaging was a mixture of paper bag and plastic making it look eco friendly but it was just a plastic bag. I would recommend tescos to consider changing the packaging however that’s a minor advice. 
The venezia potato is a small, round and yellow potato with a very clean and smooth skin. I’ve decided to power boil them and then roast in goose fat with a sprinkle of salt, pepper, parsley and garlic.

Roasted Venezia Potato

The outcome: Mellow, sweet and buttery potatoes that melt in your mouth. I loved the skin especially that the taste reminded me of popcorn (?). These are definitely my new favourite;-) 

Blue Belle potatoe

Blue belle however are a huge chunky potatoes with a brilliant bright purple streaks coming through it. I decided to mash these with loads of butter and some milk.
 The outcome: Brilliantly buttery and smooth potatoes which are perfect for mashing with no shadow of a doubt. I found them absolutely amazing, so definitely get a bag for yourself!
The finished product

Personally my perception was that potato is a potato but I couldn’t be more wrong! I enjoyed these with my boyfriends family and his mother who never eats potatoes thought that venezia ones were lovely, which was a real shock! About two or three days after I tried these I caught myself thinking of when I will re-purchase because even though potatoes don’t seem to be a fascinating food this range brings another perception and dimension to potatoes. I will definitely repurchase and I highly recommend these to all of you!!

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