Monday, 20 January 2014

Valentine's day ideas and my pre-birthday extravaganza!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I’m getting super pumped about it especially that it’s the start of my birthday extravaganza. It is basically pre-celebrating my birthday from the 14th until 16th of February involving cake, drink and anything I feel like doing on these days such as getting my nails done and all that jazz. Since I moved out in July this is going to be my first birthday not living with my family meaning I will have to squeeze in random washing up and stuff- how boring!
However back to Valentine’s Day… the thing is you either you hate it or love it. I know a lot of single ladies out there who have girly anti-valentine’s day celebrations or couples who think it’s a trick to get you to spend money, others go absolutely mental buying expensive gifts and in general spending considerable sums of money. Personally I like valentines but don’t agree with ‘show your loved one you love them day’ because you should show your partner you love them every day and if you don’t then reconsider your relationship (?). I like the idea of having dinner together with a bottle of wine and watch movies after type of night.
This year is going to be totally different because I live with my boyfriend and since student loan doesn’t take you far consider our situation poor. I searched for ages to find some cute and cheap ideas to make this valentines a bit more fun.

1.   Valentines Countdown (13 dates before valentines)
So I came up with an idea of 13 dates before valentine’s countdown.
Basically I found some ideas of cheap ways for 13 dates which we are going to do each night until valentines. (Note: most of them come from
These include:
·         Disney movie night
·         Movie marathon
·         Personality tests nights
·         A-Z why I love you
·         Country theme night (we have two of them including china and Italy. Basically you make food, drink and watch a movie set in this country)
·         Board games night
·         Spa night (shower together?)
·         Year review
·         Fort night (build a fort, watch a movie and get some munchies!)
·         Cuddle kit night (
·         Bowling (we have a cheap bowling place near us with cheap drinks so it’s perfect!)
·         Making some baked goods for our valentines night and watching a movie
Some ideas need more preparation so I decided to do them on days we are free like weekends and the less time consuming on the days we are really busy like mid-week. If you are single you can incorporate them to do something like painting your nails, movie nights etc. you can invite your friends over or simply ask your brothers, sisters or parents to join in.

2.   Cheap decorations
Decorations are important it’s like Christmas with no tree!
I made one with some paper I had in the house and it looks stunning!
Of course you will need some candles and candle holders to set the mood!
You may like to make a wreath with hearts on it or some posters or even frames with some romantic quotes.

3.   Valentine’s themed foods and munchies!
You have to make a wee exception and eat some goodies! I am going to make a heart shaped cake, cookies and Rice krispies hearts .

I don’t think I am going to make any of these gifts however I thought they were super cute and it was something everyone would love to get!

If you want to check out more valentine’s ideas visit my Pinterest.
I hope everyone will find any of these ideas useful and have a lovely valentines!

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