Saturday, 18 January 2014

My first blog post!

This is my very first post! I don't know whether its my stupidity or simple 'feeling the pressure' that I actually googled how to write a first blog post (personally I think its the first reason). Since I am a new to blogging, please don't judge me I don't really know what I am doing so I decided to start off with a simple introduction :).

My name is Ewa, but my friends and family call me Ewii. I was born in Kalisz, Poland on the 16th of February and I'm 19 coming 20 in less than a month!!! I have two younger sisters Anna and Weronika who I love deep in my heart but hate with passion because they're real pain in the... lower back area. After experiencing some family problems my mum, my sisters and me moved to Northern Ireland with barely any english, well apart from apple, hello and what time is it. These were useless especially because I hate apples (sad times). I went to a local school where I met my boyfriend, who in fact isn't polish, which was unusual.
Recently I moved in with my boyfriend of five years to our very first flat and started studying business at university.

Now that I have to take care of my flat and house related boring grown up stuff I thought that writing a blog may help some students or other young adults with things like managing your money, food recipes, house keeping advice and some general info on my not so boring life.

I would be grateful if you left comments, any requests or if you simply would like to email me :-)

So lets start blogging!

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