Thursday, 20 February 2014

Time Management

It seems like forever since I wrote my last post! However I have been so busy with uni and other study related things… But since I am so busy I thought it might be useful to write about time management, which is especially important when you have work overload piling up and about to crush you.

This is why I am trying my hardest to develop a good balance between all of the activities. I didn’t buy an actual academic timetable but decided to look for an app and I am using Timetable by Gabriel Ittner which you can get for free in any app store.  

Start by scheduling your lectures, seminars and about an hour or two a week for prep and required reading. The cool thing is you can have colour coordination for each class which is really helpful.

Then it is good to add part time work or voluntary work time you might have followed by book clubs etc. In my case on Monday morning I planned a workout followed by reading and then the rest of the day off. If you find it hard to remember to clean your room/ doorm/ apartment maybe scheduling an hour a week or 15 mins each day would be a good idea.



(This is what mine looks like, please ignore jelly splash request lol)
Although it sounds like a cool idea it is harder to stick to your workload you have organised for yourself. I know nobody is perfect but why not try and stick to the plan and hopefully become super students, haha (in my dreams!).

If anyone has any other time management advice, please share J

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